AndroGenyx Edge HPX Review


AndroGenyx Edge HPX is a revolutionary new testosterone booster that is specifically made to combat the effects of low testosterone levels due to age. Formulated using clinically studied ingredients, AndroGenyx works quickly to boost testosterone production in men who need it the most.

Could AndroGenyx Edge HPX be right for you? Read our full review to find out.

About AndroGenyx Edge HPX

Every guy is going to experience the natural decline of testosterone at some point in his lifetime. Guys will experience weight gain, lose their sex drive, and struggle with low energy levels. Fortunately for guys, it is possible to reverse these effects with products like AndroGenyx Edge HPX.

Essentially, AndroGenyx Edge HPX helps your body naturally product more testosterone by influencing the enzymes and glands that produce testosterone. In addition, AndroGenyx works similarly to how prohormones work as well. It is able to provide the essential chemicals and building blocks needed to produce testosterone naturally.

So instead of injecting yourself with synthetic testosterone directly into your bloodsteam, AndroGenyx helps you naturally produce the essential hormone. This is a safer way to reverse the effects of natural testosterone decline and has proven to be just as effective.

Benefits of AndroGenyx Edge HPX

So Androgenyx helps you produce more testosterone, but what are the actual physical benefits of the product? According to actual users, you can expect these benefits:

Increased energy levels

The most immediate benefit to using AndroGenyx is a significant increase in energy levels. Studies have shown that energy levels & testosterone levels are closely linked, and low testosterone levels is one of the leading causes of low energy levels in men.

Better sex drive

Libido and testosterone are also directly associated together and low libido is typically a symptom of low testosterone. Androgenyx Edge HPX works quickly to restore a healthy libido so you and your partner can once again enough a healthy sex life.

Improved performance

Libido is important, but so is the ability to perform in the bedroom. Androgenyx Edge helps to improve blood flow throughout your body so you can better obtain and maintain an erection. So what the time is right to get down and dirty, you’ll be ready and able to perform once more.

Is AndroGenyx Edge HPX Safe?

The three ingredients found in Androgenyx Edge HPX include: Epimedium, Argmatine and Arginine Hydrochloride. All three of these ingredients are found in EDD (erectile dysfunction disorder) products and are proven to be both safe and effective.

Based on this knowledge, we see no reason to suggest that there are any side effects to taking AndroGenyx Edge HPX. If for some reason you are unsure whether this product is right for you, feel free to speak to your doctor to get a better idea.

Conclusion: Should You Use AndroGenyx Edge HPX?

If you’re a man struggling with low libido, low energy levels, and just can’t perform in the bedroom like you want to, then AndroGenyx Edge HPX could be exactly what you need.


Thousands of guys rely on it each day and almost every guy has been trilled with the results. You simply won’t be disappointed with this product and we guarantee you’ll end up a happier, healthier man as a result.